Website Management Services

Website Management Services

Website planning, building, maintenance, usability, e-commerce, call to actions, tracking, and analytics.
Ametta Website Management Services

We help with all areas of website design, development, and maintenance, right from building a brand new website to updating the existing one.  Based on our hands-on experience, the latest trends, and industry standards we cover all areas of search engine optimization, content development, user-friendliness and usability, responsiveness for mobile and desktop views, and marketing and sales funnels.

We provide full management services where we take care of all routine updates, maintenance, tracking, backups, and more, as well as, provide project by project services and consulting.  There are several pros and cons for each type of service, complete the form on this page and we can help build a package that fits your needs best.

Creating a New Website with the Essential Building Blocks

Whether you are building your first website or building a new version of an existing website, being the central hub for your sales and lead funnels, having a good website is an essential starting block for your digital marketing campaigns.  This includes items like having:

  • descriptive domain name
  • reputable website hosting provider with proper support & backups
  • effective calls to action and lead funnels
  • mobile/desktop/responsive design
  • user-friendliness, quick access to key areas, for current & new customers
  • consistent branding, layout, and design

With each new build, we look carefully at your target audience, usability, responsiveness for mobile & tablet users, usability for new visitors and existing customers, all of the key components that make a website great!

Maintaining & Optimizing an Existing Website

We’ve worked with many businesses who have websites, but they don’t get updated as much as they should, and trying to find the time and/or a person with the right skill set is sometimes very difficult. In some cases, business can’t quite justify bringing on a full-time person just to manage or have the time to update it themselves.  This is where a service like ours becomes helpful.  We will help with:

  • maintaining content
  • improve search engine optimization
  • provide recommendations for improvements
  • set up tracking and analytics

We become your “web guy” without the added cost of a full salary, plus we bring years of experience and industry knowledge ensuring that your website is being kept up to date with fresh content and is being optimized for your visitor’s experience, providing a positive reflection of your company on the internet.