Search Engine Optimization Services

Search Engine Optimization Services

Website analysis, stats tracking, performance, page speeds, loading times, mobile layouts, and optimization for search engines.
Ametta Search Engine Optimization Services

Search engine optimization (SEO) provides one of the highest returns of any online marketing investment and channel. Having your products and services easily found when interested and qualified visitors are searching is a beautiful thing.

Search engine optimization is about reaching your target market and increasing the number of leads and sales to your business. A fully optimized website will help bring better quality traffic that is more likely to move through your sales/lead funnel as you are able to display your products and services right when they are searching for them. We help make this happen and recommend having your website on a continuous improvement cycle to help you get to the top pages of search engines and stay there as things change and evolve.

Search Engine Optimization Process

An initial discovery session is conducted to assess your current level of optimization, your competitors, who your target audience is and their demographics. We then build a strategy that meets your websites needs that outlines what type of work will be needed to get ahead of your competition and raise your rankings. We ensure that tracking is in place so that we can take benchmark snapshots along the way to track progress like visits, leads, and sales.

  • Discovery session to determine:
    • current level of optimization
    • top 3 – 4 competitors
    • target audience demographics
  • Strategy session with SMART Goals to measure success:
    • tracking & analysis
    • baseline reporting
    • benchmarks & objectives
  • Move forward with action items from the strategy
    • track, improve, and do more of what is working well!

Continuous Improvement Over Time

Raising your organic placement within search engines is a process that takes time, planning, and resources.  Making sure you stay in the hard-earned top placements is another process.  This includes staying on top of search engine algorithm changes, keeping your content fresh and up to date, ensuring that improvements are made based on your website reporting and analytics.